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Roadside assistance and towing


Car Assistance is a phone call away!

Car Assistance is a phone call away
When you get into trouble on the road with your vehicle, it’s good to know that NP Autod Autoabi is a phone call away – in larger cities, we can reach the vehicle in need in 30 minutes. In a case of a traffic accident, our Car Assistance specialists will also be happy to assist you fully by helping to conclude a traffic accident report or by consulting on further steps.


Car Assistance services we provide:

  • Tow truck service
  • Advice and assistance at place in filling in the documents in the event of an accident
  • Extraction the vehicle from snow, mud, sand, ditches, etc.
  • Different tire work
  • Getting extra fuel
  • Vehicle start-up

We have set ourselves the goal to take the drivers in trouble to their destination any time.