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Car wash

Clean car – pure joy!

Although car wash is not a difficult job, and it’s becoming more popular to clean your four-wheel-old friend from inside and outside, life has shown that it is often wise to entrust your car’s inside and outside wash as well as various maintenance work to the care of specialists – a misused detergent or poor technique can sometimes cause more damage than good. Plus, it’s time consuming.

Cleaning services provided:

  • Car pressure wash with soaking agent.
  • Extensive exterior laundry (summer and winter)
  • Wheel tar removal and laundry
  • Removal of tar damage from the surface of the paint
  • Car cabin cleaning (glass and matte surface maintenance)
  • Engine wash
  • Cleaning and maintenance of leather seats
  • Cleaning the engine compartment of oil waste and dust

Price list

Service Sedan SUV
Space tourer/van
MINI LAUNDRY Preliminary soaking, shampoo wash, rubber mats wash, drying 17 € 20 €
LAUNDRY STANDARD Preliminary tar soaking, soaking, shampoo wash, rubber mats wash, tire polish, glass wash from outside, drying 25 € 30 €
LAUNDRY DELUX Preliminary tar soaking, soaking, shampoo wash, proper drying, tire polish, dirt mat cleaning and rubber mats washing, window wash inside and outside, vacuum cleaning of the cabin, cleaning of dashboards and plastic surfaces. 43 € 52 €
DRY INTERNAL CLEANING Cleaning the cabin and the luggage compartment with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the mats, cleaning the dashboard and plastic surfaces, windows inside wash 26 € 32 €
ENGINE WASH (under the responsibility of the customer) primary soaking, engine wash, drying with compressed air 25 € 30 €
INTERNAL DRY CLEANINGinterior cleaning, dry cleaning of seats, door pads; windows inside wash, drying, door seals maintenance

139 € 169 €
cleaning of leather seats with vacuum cleaner, cleaning of leather items with foam, applying cream on leather items
52 € 64 €
WAXING STANDARD WASHwaxing with permanent wax, maintenance of all external plastic and rubber items 80 € 96 €
GLOSSY POLISHING STANDARD LAUNDRY tar removal, polishing 1 time, waxing with quick wax, maintenance of all external plastic and rubber items

150 € 180 €