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Comission sale

The cars in our car parks are sold much faster

Selling a car can be a time-consuming and difficult process, because the wishes of buyers and sellers are often different, and to reach the agreement might take a lot of time. The seller’s reputation also plays a significant role in it. In the NP Autod car park, you will certainly succeed in the sale.

As a reliable and experienced seller, we are known among our customers as a service provider on whose sales site you can find vehicles in good and very good condition which have all undergone thorough technical inspection. To keep that reputation, our demands concerning the vehicles to be sold, are also high.

In order to accelerate the sale, we recommend that you take the vehicle to its “top form” before it is brought for sale. To catch the potential buyer’s eye as soon as possible – your car should also be cleaned, washed and polished in addition to the technical inspection and any possible repair work. If you like, NPAutod are ready to assist you.

The commission fee is only 5% of the price of the sold vehicle, at a minimum of €350

NP Autod terms and conditions for vehicles brought to commission sales:

  • Vehicle is technically in good condition (lights, battery, fluid level)
  • The vehicle is fitted with tires which meet the requirements below
  • At least ¼ of fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank
  • The vehicle must be clean both inside and outside
  • The vehicle must be registered with the Road Administration and have a proof of valid inspection

If you wish to bring the vehicle to the Commission, and if you have any further questions, please contact by e-mail or