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Car painting

Car paint in a NP Autod workshop!

Vehicle paint is a service characterized by the phrase “the less, the better”. Sometimes, however, there are situations where this is unavoidable.

Faded or cracked paint, dents or other body damage is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately, because without the paint layer, the car’s body is unprotected, and the formation of rust that damages the car body is only a matter of time.

By bringing the vehicle into our paint service, you do not have to worry about logistics or excessive costs – we have a solution for both of us, because we will give you our replacement car to use during our work is completed, so that no important drive will be missed. The costs incurred during the body and paint work can be distributed between installments using the hire purchase plan we provide.

By bringing your vehicle to our bodywork and painting workshop, you can be sure that a vehicle entrusted to the care of experienced professionals will be serviced in the best possible way, with high quality and at affordable price.