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Car painting

Car painting in a NP Autod workshop!

The paintwork of a vehicle often plays a crucial role in determining its resale value. Even if your car is technically sound, the presence of chips, scratches, or rust on its body can significantly diminish its worth.

Preparing a car for sale is meticulous work. By seeking expertise in paintwork restoration, you can notably enhance your car’s market value. The NP Autod team is always at the ready to assist customers through challenging situations.

For those considering car painting in Tallinn, our team provides meticulous attention to every vehicle. Leveraging years of experience, NP Autod’s specialists offer everything from painting specific parts to a complete color transformation when the previous finish is beyond restoration. But what makes car painting so intricate? Let’s delve into NP Autod’s process.

How Car Paint Works: stages and Results

Indeed, paintwork condition significantly affects a car’s price. The cost of painting varies based on the car’s brand, size, and the workshop you choose. At NP Autod, we prioritize customer value and provide competitive pricing. So, what does our process involve?

Basic car Wash

Initially, a car wash is carried out to remove accumulated dirt, especially from hard-to-reach areas. Our technician then photographs areas requiring repair, setting the stage for the next steps.

Body Works

Necessary parts, especially those requiring paint, are removed from the car. Our specialists also address any mechanical damage on the body. Damages are rectified using specialized tools.

Ground Application

After initial surface preparation, a special primer is applied. This acts as a barrier against rust and helps even out problematic areas.

Paint Selection

At NP Autod, we harness cutting-edge technology to precisely match and mix paint tones. Using specialized equipment, our experts determine the perfect shade and prepare the necessary paint quantities.

Application of Varnish

Varnish primarily protects the car from environmental factors and minor damages. After its application, the varnish undergoes a meticulous drying process. We utilize a special painting and drying booth to ensure efficiency.

Removing Transitions

Any demarcations between the new and original paint are seamlessly blended using an abrasive compound. Upon completion, your car is washed, and it emerges rejuvenated.

These steps merely provide a snapshot of our comprehensive process. Body preparation and painting are crafts where experience and top-tier equipment are paramount. Recognizing this, we’ve prioritized advanced equipment and expertise, ensuring our workshop is equipped with everything needed for stellar paintwork.

Should you be interested in painting a car part or need to refresh your car’s exterior before selling, don’t hesitate to reach out. NP Autod experts will undertake comprehensive body cleaning, rust eradication, and fine-tuning. The outcome? A brand-new, impeccable paint finish for your car.