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Our specialists provide high quality car service at a reasonable price.

Regular maintenance of the vehicle will extend its life by adding driving comfort and safety. Thorough knowledge, proper work equipment and experience are necessary for the maintenance of the car, as the quality of the service depends on them. NP Autod offers it all. We believe in the value of trained specialists and constantly train our staff. That’s the only way we can offer you the best service

Our specialists provide high quality car service to your vehicle at a reasonable price. We do the car maintenance work without wasting time so you can get back behind the wheel and on the road as soon as possible.

The services we provide are:

  • Oil change and service interval reset (including changing filters)
  • The car’s spark and pre-spark plugs reliability check and replacement
  • General technical condition check
  • Batteries’ check and replacement
  • Liquids control and leakage disposal

You are very welcome to turn to us if your vehicle needs high quality maintenance and service. We guarantee the best service at an affordable price.

Price list

  • Maintenance and repair work:42 € / hour
  • Diagnostics42 €